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The Crucible of Abigail Williams free essay sample

The Crucible of Abigail Williams Abigail Williams is a very spiteful and bitter woman, but she has the biggest influence on the play with all the lies she tells about people being witches which are believed and cost some people their lives. Abigail is one of the most misunderstood characters because she is so good at lying that it almost seems like she is telling the truth. A crucible is a large test that one may face that may force them to make a controversial decision to benefit them or to hurt them. In Salem, Massachusetts in 1691 there were whispers of witch craft. To avoid it one has to make lies to save themselves. Abigail Williams is one of the most important people in this story because she tells by far the most lies because she needs to protect herself because she was one of many that started the witch craft controversy. We will write a custom essay sample on The Crucible of Abigail Williams or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Abigail’s crucible is her lying because she has to keep track of what she has said and she does not know when to stop so she keeps making up lies. The decision she is faced with is to stop lying and tell the truth then she would most likely be killed or keep lying to save herself but when it starts getting out of control the decision is stressed because when she feels threatened by the evidence brought to court she needs to make a decision and quick. â€Å"In a small upper bedroom in the home of Reverend Samuel Parris†(Miller 1234). Abigail starts this witch craft fiasco when she fells that she would be put to death for dancing naked in the woods. Abigail first went with Tituba, the servant of Parris, and the other girls to call up spirits, but Abigail’s jealousy got in the way she not only wanted Tituba to call on John Proctor, Abigail’s love, she wished the death of Elizabeth Proctor, John Proctors wife, so that Abigail may take the place of her by his side. When they were out in the woods Mr. Parris found them and the next day found his daughter motionless in bed. Parris asks Abigail what he is supposed to tell everyone in the village and Abigail says â€Å"We danced [†¦] but they’re speaking witchcraft. Betty’s not witched. †(Miller 1238). This is when Abigail starts her chain of lies to protect her and the other girls. She says they danced but she did not tell Parris about the other things that they did like conjure spirits and that Abigail drank blood. To get the other girls to follow along with her she threatened the girls all because she just wants witch craft out of the question. The only way Abigail can get witchcraft from her name is to be an accuser or a justice and not be the accused so she needs to turn the tables by starting to blame other people for witch craft. The first person she blames is Tituba Abigail says in response to Hale’s question did you call the devil? I never called him! Tituba, Tituba [†¦] she made me do it! She made Betty do it! †(Miller 1259-1260) Abigail starts to pin the whole witch craft catastrophe on Tituba. â€Å"The horrible thing is that Abigail is the one who persuaded Tituba to go out and cast the spells. †(Shmoop). This just goes to show how ruthless Abi gail is and how she will do anything to save herself and to keep her name clean. Tituba reluctantly gives in to the accusations after the realization that it was necessary in order to save her life. This action on part of Abigail helps shift blame and suspicion from herself solely to that of Tituba. Tituba invents lies and sends the witchcraft fear further into a sense of fear for Salem. After Tituba’s confession Abigail says â€Å"I want the light of God, I want the sweet love of Jesus! I danced for the Devil; I saw him, I wrote in his book; I go back to Jesus; I kiss His hand. † (Miller 1262). Abigail wants her name clean and her thinking is if she admits to dancing with the Devil and acts as if she repents for it then nobody will suspect her for a witch. After the confession of Tituba Abigail says â€Å"I look for John Proctor that took me from my sleep and put knowledge in my heart! (Miller 1247). This refers to the affair that Abigail and John had when Abigail worked for him. It is also a testament to the way that Abigail feels she really wants John to leave Elizabeth and go to her and she is willing to do anything to make that happen. In John Proctor’s house when John Proctor comes home from working in the fields Elizabeth discovers that John was with Abigail alone and does not trust him any more. Through Abigail’s lying and attempts to win John over she begins to draw John and Elizabeth apart. When she realizes that she has a chance to frame Elizabeth she accuses Elizabeth of witch craft, because she wants to accuse Elizabeth on the grounds of Elizabeth being angry about the affair John and Abigail ha. Her thinking was that if she could not have John then no one can. Abigail feels as if she has won Johns wife is in jail and she knows that John still has feelings for her, so she feels like she can take the place of Elizabeth. Little did Abigail know that John would fight to get Elizabeth back by forcing Mary Warren to confess that it was her poppet not Elizabeth’s and that the girls are lying about all the witch craft. In the court room Abigail wants to attempt to prove Elizabeth a witch John comes in with Mary warren. When Mary testifies that the girls were lying Abigail said Mary was lying then when Abigail begins to feel threatened by Mary testifying she lies about Mary sending her spirit down to attack her. This is a sign of Abigail feeling very nervous about her lies holding up during court so she lies again. Then almost like the leader of a clan when Abigail acts all the girls follow suit acting as if Mary has sent her spirit on them and made them cold. During this Abigail drops to her knees and says â€Å"Oh, Heavenly Father take Away this shadow† (Miller 1307). After she says this Proctor interrupts her and tries to expose her as a whore. â€Å"she (Abigail) seems to lose her last shred of humanity by damning John Proctor, whom she claims to love [†¦] she skillfully manages to turn the whole thing around on him,†(Shmoop). By saying that she is not a whore she gets out of it and when things right before anything else can be said about her being a whore she acts as if Mary had changed her spirit into a bird that is going to attack her, just as before the girls follow suit and the girls start screaming. After the girls have been terrified they Mary calls Proctor the devils man which Abigail wanted. Abigail begins to snap under all the pressure of having to keep up with her lies and make up new ones to protect herself that protecting her self becomes very hard because of all the lies she has made. In the jail Parris went to meet with Judges Danforth and Hathorne to say â€Å"My niece, sir, my niece- I believe she has vanished. [†¦] I think they be aboard a ship. † (Miller 1322). Abigail started to feel the pressure and she snapped she felt like she had to leave Salem. Abigail also feels that if she stays any longer the accusations of witch craft might come back on her. Abigail Williams is a conniving, tricky, spiteful and intelligent girl. To protect herself she made a chain of lies that people would believe which cleared her name of all allegations against her until her lies started to build up and affect the people she cared about like John Proctor. Right when she thinks she is doing everything right and she was about to have the wife of the man she loves in jail everything starts to crumble. Abigail feels like everything is about to crumble and she would be left for all the blame so she decided the best thing to do was run. Through Abigail Miller has delivered a great message the large message is to not lie, but the smaller more in-depth message is that if you lie you begin to only make your story worse and in the mean time you affect everyone around you.

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Eastman Kodak Essays

Eastman Kodak Essays Eastman Kodak Essay Eastman Kodak Essay Through this slogan formulated by its founder George Eastman, Eastman Kodak Company revolutionized and set off as the pioneer in modern imaging. From its initial introduction of the dry glass plate process technology and machine, Kodak has further introduced novel technologies in imaging, which throughout the years, redefined societys life styles. Through its basic principles of low-cost mass production, extensive advertising, focus on customers and international distribution, Kodak has become one of the worlds most recognized brands with its products becoming the markets beacon for the photographic industry for more than a century now. With the emergence of competition and antitrust concerns, Kodak has evolved, through diversification strategies, into an enormous company catering to pharmaceutical, health care, electrical, computer and chemical products among others. The company, as a consequence, moved away from its core competencies, was unable to compete with its rivals competently and has suffered from heavy losses. As his first move to answer this predicament, newly appointed chief executive officer George MC Fisher has cut down costs and debts through divestiture of non-imaging related business segments. At present, Kodak is engaged primarily in developing, manufacturing and marketing traditional silver-halide photoimaging products, services and solutions for consumers, professionals, healthcare providers, the entertainment industry and other commercial customers. In its continuing thrust to foster long-term growth, development and success, Eastman Kodak Company is now faced with the dilemma to sustain in the mature and slow-growing silver-halide business. In addition, the company is contending with a legion of competitors to achieve and sustain a dominant position in the emerging digital imaging business, which at the moment poses encouraging and promising opportunities. Technological Environment. The influx of technological advancements into the photographic marketplace has presented the industry with a unique set of challenges and possibilities. Technological discoveries and enhancements may foster, or even hasten, the growth of the traditional silver-halide market. The Advanced Photo System (APS), for example, a product of technological advancement currently being developed by nig industry players may bring silver-halide-based products into a higher level. In addition, with the onset of digital technology, the industry is faced with chance to expand its business through venturing more into digital imaging which is currently putting forth enticing opportunities. On the downside, considering the electronic nature of the products offered in line with digital imaging (eg. Scanners, printers, etc.), entry of potential competitors, particularly from the electronics group who may have equally competent resources and capabilities, is at a height. As a result, the structure of the industry may be altered. Socio-Cultural Environment. With societys increasing awareness over environmental preservation, possible hindrance in the growth of the players in the industry is present, The film marketed by these companies, as an example, are currently packaged in plastic non-biodegradable tube cases. As a response to environmental concerns and grievances, repackaging using nature-friendly materials may be ensued. This also holds true with single-use cameras (SUCs) which is primarily composed of plastic non-biodegradable materials. Here, companies may either reduce its margin or impose higher prices over its products in repackaging its products to be environmental-friendly brought by a possible increase in its production cost. The markets culture may also impede the entry of global industry players. As an example, with Japans resistance to Western influence and its societys higher preference over locally made products, foreign industry players would most likely have difficulty in penetrating in this geographical segment. In addition, with the fact ascertained that photographic products are usually used in instances of special occasions (eg. weddings, birthdays, holidays, fiestas, etc.), regularity of celebration of these occasions would deeply affect the demand of the products. Economic Environment. The global scale of the photographic market presents some threats to its core business. Sales in its geographical segments would generally differ according to a countrys economic state. Sluggish economy or economies under recession would decrease sales as a result of delayed spending on leisure goods?. In addition to the state of the economy, tariff and foreign trade laws may render leisure good spending in lull brought by higher prices as a result of the duties imposed on the goods. Tourism economy, as a whole, has a direct effect on the industry. As the number of tourists increase, usage of photographic materials would most likely increase demand. Legal or Political Environment. Legal influences may hamper the growth of some players in the industry. Antitrust laws, for example, may limit expansion of industry players through its provisions. On the brighter side, however, this may protect the position of a company in the market. This holds true in the case of Kodak and Polaroid in the late 1980s when Kodak engaged into marketing instant cameras. Foreign laws, in addition, in its move to protect local firms, may thwart the entry of global producers in its market. Furthermore, patent and proprietary rights laws would deter firms to expand, venture, and produce patented products. Threat of New Entrants. With great barriers, the threat of new entrants in the industry is at a low level. This is brought about by the sizeable investment required in procuring manufacturing equipments for a potential entrant. Furthermore, marketing costs are also high for these entrants for it to be able to topple down existing players or even penetrate the market. This is in view of the current industry players, which if characterized, are established and successfully positioned in the market obtaining brand loyalty. Also, with the length of these companies operations in mind, they have been riding down the experience curve; as a result, economies of scale and cost advantage have already been achieved. In addition, prospecting players must introduce into the market differentiated products that are more enhanced than that offered by existing players, which would require it to spend a substantial amount in research and development projects. However, with the emerging digital imaging in view, the risk posed by potential industry entrants may be shifted from a low level to a moderate one. This is in view, as stated in the earlier part, of the electronic nature of some products offered by the digital imaging technology which has the possibility of attracting electronic companies who may possess capabilities and competencies that could equal or even exceed that of the current industry players. Rivalry Among Established Competitors. Firms under the photographic industry operate in an oligopolistic environment were few of the member firms share dominance such as Eastman Kodak, Agfa and Fuji Films. Competition among these firms is at a fierce level given the fact of its slow-growth particularly in the traditional silver-halide photography. Here, with demand conditions at a moderate level of progress, firms closely compete to capture and increase market share through price wars. Exit barriers within the industry is at a high level as well contributing to the intense rivalry among industry players. Bargaining Power of Buyers. The influence set forth by the buyers in the industry is at a moderate degree. Though products offered by the firms in the industry have attained brand loyalty, cost advantage and economies of scale and has a lesser threat of substitute products (further discussions to be made in the later part), still, firms are forced by buyers to bargain for lower prices by the quantity of their purchase?. In addition, with price wars evident among industry players, buyers take advantage on playing off with these firms to obtain cheaper costs or even present a threat of providing for a lesser shelf space. Bargaining Power of Suppliers. The pressure exerted by the suppliers over the firms in the industry is at a low degree. Silver, for example, a major raw material in the industry is widely available. It is evidenced with the fact that in the past years, no direct relationship can be established that price of the commodity has been affected by fluctuations in the availability and price of raw materials. In fact, the photographic industry consumes about one-fourth of the global demand for silver. Furthermore, with the high level of availability of packaging materials, in this case plastic tubes and canisters, and boxes, bargaining power of suppliers is at a lesser scale. Threat of Substitute Products. With high switching cost to substitute products, in this case video cameras, a low extent of threat is shown. Aside from the cost factor, accessibility of outputs and simplicity of operation ensure the industry of low level of preference toward substitutes. Here, pictures can easily be obtained and seen without the use of any other devices, unlike videotapes which requires videocassette players for it to be viewed. In addition, cameras are more preferred than video recorders or cameras with the fact that video recorders are more complex in operation as compared with cameras. As a part of a hyperactive competitive environment, Eastman Kodak must be able to efficiently and effectively strategize in order for it to be able to sustain its position in all areas of the market, existing and emerging alike. However, the success of the companys adopted strategy would depend upon the reaction of its competitors; thus, it is imperative that in its strategies, competitors competitive profile must be given proper consideration. Kodak is faced with a legion of competitors; among which, Polaroid, Agfa, Fuji and Konica pose as the major rivals of the company. Polaroid. Between the latter mentioned competitor, Polaroid shows the lesser degree of competition with the fact that Kodak is unable to directly compete in the instant photo imaging business as a result of a previously ruled antitrust lawsuit. As a result, competition between the two companies would be on attracting and capturing the markets preference between instant photography and traditional silver-halide imaging. Agfa. Agfa, known as the Kodak of Europe for its typically the same business strategy, enjoys dominance over the European market. As the second largest chemical manufacturing company, the company offers its products (particularly in its developing equipment and imaging business) at a lower price compared to that of its competitors through the concept of vertical integration a strategy previously enjoyed by Kodak until the time it has divested of its chemical manufacturing business, Eastman Chemicals, in 1993?. Its current move to increase market share in the US market through its advertisement campaign of free film rolls clearly shows the seriousness of the company to compete with Kodak. In addition, with its less-priced products at hand, the company demonstrates a greater degree of competition for Kodak. Fuji Photo Film Company. Among its competitors, Fuji presents to be the closest rival of Kodak. With its product offerings at the same nature with that of Kodak, the degree of their rivalry may also be evidenced by the continued battle of lawsuits. The fierce competition between these firms stem from Fujis offering of low-priced films which stirred and reduced Kodaks market share by 10%. Also, Fujis strong foothold in the Japanese market which hampered Kodaks position and made the latter felt in an unfair situation contributed to the perceived battle. Recently, in its move to topple over Kodak, Fuji moved for an establishment of a US division focusing solely on digital imaging. Through this move, the company will be able to market products which it has already offered in its Japanese market. Furthermore, it has proposals of hooking-up with computer companies for its products to be integrated in computer systems. These, among others, present a more pronounced competition for Kodak. Other Competitors. Aside from the earlier discussed companies, Konica is another competitor of Kodak in the imaging business. It has been said that together with Agfa and Fuji, Konica was able to decrease Kodaks market share in the traditional imaging and photofinishing business. Though at a lesser degree, private label films also compete with Kodak. Other competitors of Kodak are camera manufacturers such as Canon, Minolta, and Olympus. With the dawn of digital imaging, electronic and computer companies agitates competition to be stiffer.

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See the attachment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

See the attachment - Research Paper Example According to Apple, the stringent measures have been introduced to shore up security. Online insecurity has been on the rise. Many unsuspecting persons have been swindled of thousands of dollars. Therefore, the decision by Apple to improve users’ security details is a step in the right direction. However, this move may not be as effective as hyped. Hackers are intelligent people who cannot be stopped by ordinary security questions. In fact, by issuing users with backup email addresses to use in case their primary addresses are compromised, they have indicated that a security breach is still possible. Apple faces a formidable legal challenge from Australia over the branding of its new 4G iPad. The iPad is not compatible with Australia’s 4G networks, and its launch in the market has been met with criticism and objections from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. According to the Commission, Apple should not use the term 4G, as the iPad does not support available 4G network. Apple labeled its tablets as "iPad Wi-Fi + 4G." This was a sales strategy, as 4G is the latest broadband with the highest speed known today. The commission’s contention is that many consumers are misled to purchase the gadgets with high expectations, yet their performance capabilities are not achievable given local network capabilities. In summary, the consumers purchase the â€Å"4Gs,† but end up with 3G performance. A series of negotiations between Apple and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has led to drastic measures such, advertisements warning consumers of the incompatibility and refunds to persons who had purchased the products. However, there is still contention regarding the use of the term 4G. Apple’s products contravene consumer rights. It is true that there is no malice in Apple’s 4G advertisement. However, consumers deserve and have a right to satisfactory quality. Additionally, any product sold to consumers must fit their

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Task 3 Experiment Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Task 3 Experiment - Coursework Example Resistance to the salinity levels by seeds is important to ensure plant survival. Soil sanitization degrades the soil. Building up of minerals (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, etc.) in these lands is due to evaporation. The condition is further worsened by over irrigation and excessive evaporation. Though some plants are tolerant to high salinity levels, others have little or no salinity tolerance. A high salt content interferes with the germination of seeds as it prevents roots from osmotic activities. This regulates the amount of nutrients and minerals being taken up by the plant. The Osmotic activities has been said to be partially if not fully, involved in the salt tolerance of certain plants (Neto et al., 2004). According to Bajji, he argues that the ability of the seed bank to remain dormant in high salt levels and germinate immediately after reduction is very significant in plants adapting and colonizing their environment as it ensures life continuity. (Bajji et al., 20 02) Measuring salt into cup on scales. In case the needed weight is less than the scale’s smallest increment, measure about 2 or 4 times that amount, and halve it using a spatula. Put the measured amount in a graduated cylinder. Carefully add the measured salt from the graduated cylinder to a measured volume of distilled water in another graduated cylinder and stir effectively. The main reason is to ensure that the salt is dissolved and evenly distributed throughout the solution. The seedlings including the control test are all stored under similar environmental conditions (Light, temperature and humidity). By varying the concentration of NaCl, one is able to compare the results by seeing how the seedlings are faring. Given that maize is widely grown in different regions with varying saline conditions, it is important we do this in order to understand that plants offer resistance to conditions that are not conducive for their

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Network User Problems

Network User Problems Tiago Garcia Mourà £o (13265) a) Credential, Permission and Rights Problems The user can have this kind of problem when tries to access/alter a host, folder or document and is not able to because they cannot log in, or they do not have that permission. Network Performance If the user or LAN administrator wants to use a wireless connection, it will drastically impact the network communication. This happens because today home-based wireless systems will not produce more than about 54-100 Mbps of transfer. And using a hub instead of a network switch can cause major issues with speed and latency, which means low performance network. TCP/IP Conflicts There are many reasons why this can be an issue, but the most common happens when at least two devices are trying to use the same IP address in the same network. b) By the morning, an user that works in a company, tries to logon into the Windows operational system using the network credentials given by the Network Administrator. But he gets the following error: The relationship between this device and the domain failed. The user tries to restart the computer and logon again, but gets the same error. c) Network Performance If you are using a corporate network, make sure that you are not streaming or downloading music, video or whatever else while working. By doing that, you will be impacting the network performance and like it will make IP phone calls and file sharing, per example, really slow. The Network Administrator has to find a way to lock down this kind of problems, like blocking music/video streaming and files downloads. TCP/IP Conflicts When the Network Administrator faces problems like IP conflicts into the network, the easiest way to fix it would be releasing and renewing the device IP and try to use it again. d) Knowledge base form Name of the company TGM Inc Clients Name Ilson Neves Date and time 01/12/2015 2:50 PM Problem Detail: Users are complaining about devices IP conflicts every day during the usual work. Signature Tiago Garcia Mourà £o Date 01 12 2015 Name of the technician Tiago Garcia Mourà £o Date and Time 02/12/2015 9:30 AM Service Hours 2 hours Proposed Solution Release and renew the IP address in every device and then, check the router in order to adjust the number of available IPs. Signature Tiago Garcia Mourà £o Date 02 12 2015 Resource N/A Costs NZD 200,00 Procedure Personnel I accessed the CMD in every computer and enter the commands ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew. Then, I checked that the internet connection was working properly in every single device. Then, I checked that the amount of devices accessing the network was smaller than the amount of IPs available. Signature Tiago Garcia Mourà £o Date 03 12 2016 Company contact Address 50, Queen St Information Phone 05 0976394 Website 1.2 Fileserver problems: a) File Sharing One of the most common problems related to fileservers is file sharing. When users try to access the folder/document in the server, they can get errors like Not authorized access or The file is being used. Data Backup An important action related to fileservers is the backup. The most of companies have files that need to be accessed many times per day and by different users, no matter what. b) A company user created a shared folder on the network to allow other department users read and edit documents. After adding these documents, other users tried to open the documents, but they got the following error: Windows cannot access the document. You do not have the permission to access the document. Contact your Network Administrator to request access. The users restarted the PCs and tried to access the documents again, but still got the same error. c) File Sharing If the users cannot access shared folders or alter shared folders, the Network Administrator has to check the reason. The first step is checking if the folder/file owner has shared it. Otherwise, only him will be able to access it. If it have been done, the next step is checking if the file is being used by another user. After that, the folders/files have to be available for the allowed users in the network. Data Backup If the server crashes or the file is deleted by mistake, the Network Administrator has to get the last backup version as soon as possible, no matter what. d) Knowledge base form Name of the company MG Enterprise Clients Name Carlos Silva Date and time 01/09/2016 4:30 PM Problem Detail: Users are complaining that they cannot access or alter any folders or files into the fileserver. Signature Tiago Garcia Mourà £o Date 01 09 2016 Name of the technician Tiago Garcia Mourà £o Date and Time 02/09/2016 7:30 AM Service Hours 3 hours Proposed Solution Check the fileserver configuration, the folders/files sharing status and the list of allowed users. Signature Tiago Garcia Mourà £o Date 02 09 2016 Resource N/A Costs NZD 300,00 Procedure Personnel First, I tried to access the folder and files into the fileserver using the users PC. I got the same permission error in every single PC. Then, I went to the data center and checked that the fileserver IP was configured properly. Then, I checked that the folders and files sharing option were OK. And the last step was include all the desired users to the sharing list. After that, I tested all the PCs and all of them were able to access the folders and files. Signature Tiago Garcia Mourà £o Date 03 09 2016 Company contact Address 5, Welesley St Information Phone 07 9845672 Website 1.3 Performance issues: a) Wireless Apart of wired connection, the wireless connection can subject your connection to variable conditions. Because of that, the data delays can bring the transfer performance down. Memory (RAM) The data transfer over the network does not need much system memory usage, but can affect the performance of other OS components. If the system memory is too low, the system has to access the HD more often, and the writing/reading disk performance will be low as well. b) Every week a company leaders need to make a videoconference with another branch for a brainstorm. Both branches use Skype for it, but they are having some problems related to the network. The connection is very slow and the call crashes, even if the computer is connected to the internet using the wire. c) Memory (RAM) In order to increase the network data transfer, the user can add more RAM memory to the laptop/PC, making the writing/reading disk faster and avoiding the HD access. Wireless If the user wants to increase the wireless connection performance, the best ways would be getting closer to the Access Point to get a high quality connection or buying a better Access Point, if possible to support more users at the same time. d) Knowledge base form Name of the company GT Ltd Clients Name Bruno Souza Date and time 01/02/2017 8:50 AM Problem Detail: The users are complaining that the wireless connection is too slow and sometimes crashes. Signature Tiago Garcia Mourà £o Date 01 02 2017 Name of the technician Tiago Garcia Mourà £o Date and Time 02/02/2017 4:30 PM Service Hours 5 hours Proposed Solution Check the distance between the Access Point and users; and if it supports the amount of users at the same time. Signature Tiago Garcia Mourà £o Date 02 02 2017 Resource N/A Costs NZD 500,00 Procedure Personnel Using different users laptops, I could see that some users had wireless signal was too poor. To those users who got good signal, I checked the internet access speed. It was extremely slow and crashing several times. Checking the amount of users and APs, I told the IT manager that the problem was that the company needs more APs to spread the signal and to support the amount of users. After installing and configuring some new APs, all the users have fast wireless connection. Signature Tiago Garcia Mourà £o Date 03 02 2017 Company contact Address 10, Quay St Information Phone 09 9756729 Website 2.1 Identify and list any 5 network monitoring tools: Nagios One of the best known free tool. The most important part of the tool is the core and it allows you to build plugins to monitor particular elements. It has a large-scale use. Zenoss This software was created to monitor server, storage, applications, networks and virtual servers. Monitis Focused on small or medium-sized companies, this application can arise as a great network tool. Pandora FMS Its capable of monitoring over 10,000 nodes and monitors servers, networks and applications. It has many alerts, reports and third party integrations, etc. Its network autodiscovery system can find all the network elements in a short time. Zabbix Its known for being easy to configure and for having a very powerful GUI. It has agentless monitoring service can monitor up to 10,000 nodes without performance issues. 2.2 Install network monitoring tools: According to the figure below, during an average websites usage at 3PM, the total traffic size was 4.24MB, the transfer rate was 136.942Kbps and the packets amount was 9,384 (474.000 bytes): (Figure 01: Capsa Free software Summary tab) (Figure 02: Capsa Free software Dashboard tab) After few minutes, a new Youtube tab was opened at 3:03 PM and then the total traffic size was 35.15MB, the transfer rate was 531.204Kbps and the packets amount was 50,292 (732.000bytes), according to the figure below: (Figure 03: Capsa Free software Summary tab) (Figure 04: Capsa Free software Dashboard tab) 2.3 Analyse the bandwidth information: According to the figures above, the usage of network didnt reach its limits. The maximum usage that it reached during the tests was 0.053% of the bandwidth. 2.4 Explain different techniques for LAN performance: Watch everything Users often complain about the network performance, but the most of times, the network has nothing to do with it. One of the best techniques to improve the LAN performance is monitor everything, from network latency and throughput, to CPU and RAM utilization. Monitoring the switches and routers, the network error rates and configuring some logfiles alerts will make the network faster. Know your apps The network is always being consumed by the applications. Even being hard to see exactly what is going on, is possible observing their effects on the infrastructure. The best way to keep your network performance is testing the software in a testing environment before purchasing/installing it in the infrastructure and check the amount of resources is being used. 3.1 Identify and explain security exposures and violations: Former Employees Attacks coming from inside the network are one of the biggest threats to a corporate network. Former employees, especially from IT department, that have the networks, admin accounts and data centers access can spread/sell this information or even hack the company. Careless Employees An employee that forgets files or the cellphone/laptop inside a taxi cab or on a restaurant table could allow a malicious person to use this information or sell it to competitor companies. 3.2 Determine the possible solutions for the CVE: Former Employees In order to avoid this kind of danger, when an employee is about to be dismissed, the Information Security Analyst or the Network Administrator has to fill out a form describing all the access rights to be revoked(systems, servers, data centers, etc) and ask to an analyst do it. Careless Employees Information stealing is one of the most dangerous ways to get corporate information leaked. To avoid it, employees must look after classified documents, cellphones, laptops, etc and keep it safe. Electronic devices must have passwords, per example. 4.1 The sender in a LAN sends 10110110; a hacker alters the data and the receiver receives 10100110. As a network expert analysis to find out the position of error bit: 4.2 Analysis a 10 bit sequence 1010011110 and a divisor of 1011: Viper Plagiarism Scanner Report Data Expedition, I. (s.d.). Data Expedition, Inc. Fonte: Data Expedition Inc: Kosse, T. (s.d.). Tim Kosse. Fonte: Prigge, M. (1 de June de 2010). IDG Communications, Inc. Fonte: InfoWorld: Schiff, J. L. (20 de January de 2015). IDG Communications, Inc. Fonte: CIO: Shimonski, R. J. (3 de November de 2009). TechGenix Ltd. Fonte: Steve. (2 de January de 2017). Pandora FMS Team. Fonte: Pandora FMS:

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Financial Distress Paper Essay

The current global economic crisis has seriously affected the financial activities of my academic institution. One of the major donors for our business school, a bank, has pulled out and is currently facing charges of breaking federal banking regulatory laws. All indications are that the bank will go under and will have to file for protection under chapter 11. With this conduit of funds no longer there, the business school will have to restructure. There are five programs currently in place at the business school, three of which are involved in teaching and research. They have been in existence for the last thirty years. As the head of faculty for the business school, I will recommend to the long range planning committee that the restructuring be directed at the other two programs. These are recently introduced graduate management courses, whose students, totaling fifty in number, can be gradually absorbed within the other graduate business courses. The cuts will therefore have to be effected within the faculty staff of the two programs being phased out. All tenured and non-tenured faculty staff will receive a one year termination notice with full severance benefits. Since their total combined yearly compensations is about as much as lost donor funding, the scaled down business school will be able to survive until other avenues are found to fund new programs. These recommendations will be made based on the need to retain teaching and research as a priority. Students who are currently enrolled in all programs will not suffer as they will be retained to continue learning within the existing programs. Additionally, the retrenchment will not be abrupt, but will be implemented over the course of one year, giving affected faculty staff ample time to appeal or seek positions elsewhere. Distress Paper 2 References Senate of Michigan Technological University (1985, May). UNIVERSITY RETRENCHMENT POLICY. Retrieved August 1, 2009 from http://www. sas. it. mtu. edu/usenate/propose/80-89/7-85. htm

Friday, January 10, 2020

Education Essay

Someone once told me that â€Å"Education is the building blocks of one’s character†. As much as it sounds too much of a cliche’ I couldn’t help but agree with this well known quotation. Although it may be true, that one’s education cannot define a man, it also holds true that different forms of education is readily available and it makes or breaks a man into who he is in his current disposition and into who he may want to be in the future. Some people claim that education is a matter of circumstance and privilege, that in this modern day and age, only those with the proper resources can have the proper education that one may need in order to be successful. If you ask me, this is only true in the terms of getting a degree to get all the right opportunities. But in reality, real education that will lead you towards the ends of your goals in life is the education you gain in life experiences. Let’s take Bill Gates and Albert Einstein who both didn’t finish college for example, they only succeeded in their personal aspirations by learning in the arena of their life and living itself. It may be important to note that in life, one must need a model to see how life is lived and how we learn from everything we see and experience in our day to day living. It may not always be formal education that we may attribute our learnings all the time, but it is imperative that any form of education should take place in order for us to grow in all different aspects of our lives. May it be in our professional lives, personal lives or for social reasons, a learning curb can be gained by us through the years because we were educated not only on how to live life, but most importantly how to be continuously educated till there is nothing more to learn in this life which may bring us to the breaking point of death or suicide. But in both scenarios, we still know that it is an imperative that a learning experience should be observed for us to prosper in a game called life.